Welcome to Butterflies of Hope Photography by Heather, LLC!

Butterflies of Hope Photography was established by Heather Banker in 2015 and since has expanded! We now have 3 photographers available to meet all of your photography needs!

A little about Heather...

I am a wife of my high school sweetheart and the mother of 3 children who are somehow now all adults!

My children have always been my inspiration which initially lead me to newborn and child photography. I enjoyed capturing them and everything they did. I even planned “field trips” just to have an excuse to photograph them. It was and still is my passion. I thrive on learning more....the light, the connection, the emotion, the drama....everything!! I love looking back through my albums with my family and re-living the moments in time, the moments that I will never get back. I can’t believe that my babies are almost grown, but I am thankful that I have the photos to look at and remember!

A significant change in my life...

On May 29, 2014, my sister, Lauryn, suddenly passed away at the young age of 39 from an undiagnosed congenital heart defect called Myocardial Tunnel. She was taken from her 4 children, Morgan (20), Landon (15), Logan (12) and Julianne (2), way too soon. It was at this time that I realized how short life really is and how important it is to document everything! I have this little 2 year old that will never see her mommy again. How will I ever be able to express to her how much her mother loved her. How would she know what her mother was like? It was that very moment that I realized what my purpose is on this earth. I have been given an incredible God given talent and I am here to capture memories for my family and my clients!

It is with my photo documentation that I am not only able to tell Julianne about her mother, but I can show her how much her mother loved her from the very moment she saw her.

The connection, the love, the bond....my heart!!

Butterflies of Hope....a frequent question...Where did this name come from?

I thought and thought about names for my business and initially named it Photography by Heather Banker. I just could not come up with the perfect name at the time.

So one day, I was outside photographing Julianne, not long after Lauryn passed away and butterflies were fluttering around everywhere. My mom said that Lauryn was always talking about how butterflies were always around her. In that moment, we knew that it was her, she was right there with us.

A few days later, I was at a photography workshop in Atlanta with my best friend, Heidi Smith, and I was telling her about the butterflies. I always wanted to incorporate Hope in the name because Lauryn’s middle name as well as her two daughters is Hope. Heidi and I looked at each other and simultaneously said.... Butterflies of Hope...and it was just perfect!!

Butterflies of Hope Photography by Heather, LLC....

I specialize in maternity photography, newborn photography, milestone photography, family photography and senior photography. It is my goal with every session to capture beautiful images which exude personality, connection, and love! Smiling photos are great, but they are not everything. Some of my favorite images are of children doing what children do! They don’t always pose and that is ok!! I am very patient and try to maintain a relaxed atmosphere during all of my sessions.

Katelyn Banker, my daughter, has joined the Butterflies of Hope team full time after graduating from Nichols in 2021. She graduated in marketing and has been working in photography since 2019.  She is the marketing manager and photographer at Butterflies of Hope. She specializes in Wedding, Proposals, Engagements, Bridals, Professional Headshots, Branding, Family/Child Photography. 

Mercedes Rivet  joined our team in 2019. She is a photography assistant for Newborn Sessions and 2nd Shooter Wedding Photographer. She is our lead Boudoir Photographer and also specializes in child photography. 

If you would like information on Newborn email [email protected] or text/call 225-324-8622. We would love to capture memories to last a lifetime for you and your loved ones!

Thanks for stopping by!!


Heather, Katelyn & Mercedes

Butterflies of Hope Photography by Heather, LLC